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YLI’s 2015 Mock Election and Youth Voter Survey measures student attitudes towards voting

The 2015 YLI National Mock Election and Youth Voter Survey was held from October 19th through November 3rd in classrooms across the US. Students in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi voted for Governor, and the entire nation weighed in on their voting attitudes and experiences. The Youth Leadership Initiative created the Youth Voter Survey in order to identify how students relate to politics and voting in their everyday lives.

The results of the over six thousand students who participated in the survey provide insight into what young people are thinking as we head into a presidential election year. Students were asked to estimate the amount of time spent discussing political issues in their homes. Approximately 28% indicated that they discuss political issues about once a week, with close to 11% stating that they discussed politics daily. Almost 26% never discuss politics at home. Another question asked students to assess their knowledge of current political topics such as terrorism, taxation, social issues, etc. 29% of respondents indicated that they were informed while only almost 11% stated that they knew nothing of current political issues.

YLI and America's Mock Election used the results of the survey to interview respected political analysts about youth voting ahead of the 2016 election cycle. The interviews were conducted at the Center for Politics' American Democracy Conference on November 18, 2015 in Washington, D.C. The panelists were asked to briefly comment on the survey results and relate them to their own experiences. Those interviewed included Margie Omero, Maria Cardona, Mark Mellman, Kyle Kondik, Kellyanne Conway, Crystal Wright, Kristen Soltis Anderson, Jill Lawrence, students from Northeast High School in Rising Sun, Maryland and YLI superteacher, Tracy Dussia. These interviews are currently available on line.

As YLI moves towards the 2016 National Mock Election we will be using the survey to plan teaching resources and activities for the upcoming year. Click here to view the Youth Voter Survey results.